Terms & Conditions for User Registration
Terms and Conditions


  • The Forest Leisure Membership Card can be used at all Leisure Centres managed by the Forest of Dean District Council. Membership is for a minimum of 2 months, but thereafter may be cancelled on 28 days notice in writing.
  • The card is not transferable and must be used only by the person to whom it was issued.
  • The Forest of Dean District Council has the right to terminate your membership at any point.
  • All changes of personal details and circumstances must be disclosed to the Forest of Dean District Council.
  • All cardholders who qualify for a discount due to being in receipt of means tested benefit or student status must provide proof of eligibility on a six monthly basis.
  • The card is the property of the Forest of Dean District Council and must be presented (and allow us to swipe it) every time you use our leisure facilities and be available for inspection at anytime.  If the card is not shown at the time of payment, then you may be charged a surcharge.
  •  If you lose your membership card it must be reported. There will be a small replacement fee.
  • There will be an annual fee for Pay As You Go members.
  • Selecting to agree to the terms and conditions when joining or booking online will be held to constitute acceptance of these conditions.

Booking/Cancellation Policy

Some activities are bookable in advance and we recommend booking to avoid disappointment. There is no extra charge for making a booking, however we do operate a cancellation policy as detailed below.

  • Cancelling with more than 24 hours notice of the start of the booking will incur no charge.
  • Cancelling with less than 24 hours notice for an activity booking e.g. health and fitness class or racket sports, or less than 48 hours notice for a facility booking e.g. hire of sports hall or gymnasium will incur a charge. Clubs must give at least 7 days notice of a booking cancellation. The charge will be made to all customers regardless of membership type. Concessionary charges will apply if you are eligible.
  • If you persistently fail to honour bookings the Forest of Dean District Council may cancel your Forest Leisure membership.
  • Forest Leisure ‘Paid in Full’ annual memberships are non-refundable but may be frozen at the sole discretion of the Forest of Dean District Council.
  • By signing to agree to the term and conditions of a Forest Leisure membership you are agreeing to receive communications from Forest Leisure in relation to its relevant services.  In compliance with the data protection act we will not pass your details onto third parties, except for Legend Leisure Services who process payments on behalf of Forest of Dean District Council.

Swimming Pool Rules
Health & Safety

Please observe the basic pool rules shown below when using our Forest Leisure swimming pools. The rules are there for the safety and comfort of all swimmers.

  • Each session has a designated maximum number - no further admissions will be take place once the maximum number has been reached.
  • Please do not run on the poolside or in the changing rooms.
  • Do not push or throw another swimmer into the pool.
  • Do not push another swimmer under the water.
  • 'Bombing' and 'Genies' are not permitted.
  • Save the kissing and petting for an appropriate place!
  • Face masks, snorkels and flippers cannot be worn in the pool.
  • Diving is only allowed from the deep end, along the length of the pool.
  • Please do not take food or drink into the changing areas or the swimming pool.
  • Children in armbands or swimming aids should not go past the designated marker.
  • Swimmers should wear a suitable costume.
  • ALWAYS LISTEN to the lifeguard on duty. They're there for YOUR SAFETY!

Children's Admissions Policy

  • To swim without adult supervision children MUST be aged 8 years or over AND able to swim competently on their own.
  • Children 7 years and under MUST BE SUPERVISED IN THE WATER BY AN ADULT (aged 16 or over) - maximum ratio of one adult to two children.
  • Children aged 8 and over must use their own gender changing room.

Swimming Pool Hygiene

You can help us to keep a high standard of pool water quality and lower chlorine levels by following a few simple rules and this well help reduce the chance of your eyes stinging when you swim.

  • Use the toilet BEFORE you swim and get out of the pool if you need to go during your swim.
  • Have a shower BEFORE you swim - this gets rid of any sweat or bacteria that would otherwise end up in the pool.
  • If you have a cold, throat infection or ear infection please do not swim.

Children in Nappies

If you child is not yet out of conventional nappies you need to consider some form of swim nappy before using our Forest Leisure pools. Conventional nappies become water logged and weigh your child down. It is also likely that they will not contain any small accidents, causing a potential hygiene problem.

Disposable swim nappies are available to purchase at our leisure centre receptions and are very effective in the pool.